GitLab Commit 2020

GitLab Commit 2020 is Virtual & Free!

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Commit is a 24-hour virtual experience this year :sparkles:

Commit is a 24-hour virtual experience, enabling participants in any time zone to participate in eight different content tracks. Speakers from Google, Microsoft, T-Mobile, VMware, State Farm, U.S. Airforce, and others will come together to help you achieve DevOps success.

Content tracks will include panels, demos, thought leader presentations. You’ll have the opportunity to earn a GitLab certification, interact with partners, speak with DevOps leaders in Q&As, and receive exclusive swag.

Tracks on Tracks :steam_locomotive:

Leading Transformation

  • Learn how organizations large and small have transformed their culture and their tools to streamline development, communications, and governance to put more value in the hands of users with less friction, frustration, and waste.

GitLab How-tos, Tips, and Tricks

  • Come hear from GitLab users and technical practitioners as they share their success stories (and horror stories!) about using GitLab in the real world.

Remote, but Always Connected

  • Suddenly remote with more questions than answers? In this track, you’ll learn how those in the broader remote work community are turning remote into a competitive advantage through asynchronous collaboration, intentional communication, and newfound work/life harmony.

…and many more!

Hang out with the Community Team :woman_cartwheeling:

Come hang out with me, @Linds! I’ll be in the virtual community booth from 3 - 5:00pm PDT !
@slee24 will be hanging out at the booth from 5 - 7:00 pm PDT, too! Come say hi!

We can talk about this forum, our events, GitLab, remote work, cats, food, whatever! I am excited to get to know you better! You can check out the details of our Virtual Booth here!

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I (@rpaik) will also be in the community booth 7:00-9:00am PDT. Look forward to meeting with wider community members during Commit!


Thanks for doing this! Conferences this year are certainly challenging, and I appreciate your efforts.

One thing I normally like to do leading up to a conference is to ask others in the community about certain types of talks that I’m looking for, or ask questions like “Hey is talk X really about ABC or is it more about something else?”

Normally, we do this via a Slack channel. Is there a place for that sort of pre-discussion for GitLab Commit? Is there a place to do that?

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HI @slasiewski thanks for your question and your interest in Commit. There isn’t a pre-conference Slack channel, but we can use this forum to answer your questions on session. Do you have questions on particular sessions?

Also, during the conference there will be virtual booths and networking sessions that you can participate in so hopefully that can help you connect with other community members during the event. Hope this helps :smile:

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Hi @slasiewski,

our German Kaeffchen (coffee chat) on Wednesday will meet at 4pm CEST to watch the keynote together and then chime into the schedule and discuss everything around GitLab Commit.

In case you speak German, and you maybe want to join weekly too (optional), please do let me know, and add your details to the apply form. I’ll send you an invite to the Zoom session then. The agenda is can be found here:


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