GitLab Commit or Merge Request see Additions and Deletions


We are trying to do code reviews using GitLab, when a commit is made we will often see for example:

Showing 2 changed files with 19 additions and 15 deletions

It shows the 2 changed files with a side by side comparison but how do we view the 19 additions and 15 deletions?

@RichardBurns when I view the side by side comparison, it shows the additions and deletions color coded and with plus or minus signs to show them:

Are you not seeing this when viewing the side by side comparison on a commit?

Hi James

Thanks for your response. That part is fine, seeing the changes to an existing file works great, side by side comparison showing the changed lines (added and deleted lines) is fantastic and I can put comments in.

I am referring to new files added as part of a commit and existing files deleted. How can I see a list of these added and deleted files for a commit or as part of a merge request.

Oh I see! I agree, that’s a useful bit of logging.

Within the GUI the only way that I can see the actual files that were added and deleted is clicking the “X changed files” dropdown on the Merge Request page:

Here we can see that gameNote.html was outright removed, per the “minus” sign. Had there been file additions I imagine there would be a “plus” sign here.

Is this more in line with what you are looking for?