Merge Request missing changed files


When reviewing a Merge Request and using the changes tab, we can’t see all the changes that would be merged.

How can I configure this to show all the changes?

Thank you.

Hi @winnertako,

if I remember correctly, there is no way to configure this. The meaning of a merge request requires the changes tab, it would not be reasonable to deactivate this.

Are you sure this is not a mistake in your Git workflow?

For further help, it would be helpful if you’ve posted a screenshot from the empty changes tab.

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Hi @Th3Ph4nt0m ,

Sorry, I didn’t explain it right.

I’m not trying to disable the changes tab. What I have noticed is in this tab some files are missing. For example, we have one file called and this file doesn’t appear in the changes tab:

The file should appear because the file has changed.

Thank you.

As far as I know, there are no known problems of this kind.
In your screenshots I can see that the .gitignore file has changed. Did you accidentally add this file there? I don’t really think this issue is related to GitLab as it is a core feature and fully optimized.

Hi @Th3Ph4nt0m ,

The .gitignore file has been created by us, intentionally.

For example when we are creating the merge request, we can see that merge requeste have 342 changes.

If I click on the changes tab we can see this warning:

Screenshot 2021-02-16 at 14.37.20

After the merge request has been created in tab the changes we only can see 167.

Screenshot 2021-02-16 at 14.39.41

I think this is related with the previous warning. Any idea where can I change that?

After some more search I found the problem reported here

Thank you.

Quite apart from the fact that such a large MR is extremely bad and should be avoided at all costs, the problem seems to be well known. The only solution at the moment is to make fewer changes.