Gitlab-ctl reconfigure hangs on Ubuntu 22.04 docker container


I am trying to create a docker image with the base image being Ubuntu 22.04 and installing GitLab CE v17.0.1.
The install goes fine but when I run ‘gitlab-ctl reconfigure’, the execution of this command hangs on:

  • create symlink at /opt/gitlab/service/logrotate to /opt/gitlab/sv/logrotate
    * ruby_block[wait for logrotate service socket] action run

  • [X ] Self-managed

  • SaaS

  • Self-hosted Runners

Does anyone know why this is occurring?
Thank you,

Try this
systemctl restart gitlab-runsvdir.service in other window

Thanks @raki1205 . I had to run this command and then it continued -
sudo /opt/gitlab/embedded/bin/runsvdir-start

Do you know why this occurs and if there is a permanent fix? I want to avoid this workaround. Or is there a different Linux distribution that works properly? I didn’t see anywhere in GitLabs install docs that there is an issue with Ubuntu.