Plymouth-quit-wait.service preventing gitlab-runsvdir.service - possible?

Hello community!

I have just spent about 2 hours to figure out why my GitLab CE (on my home server) won’t boot. Luckily I am quite alright at searching for things on the internet - which is how I found out how to look for a culprit.

This is not exactly a bug report as I cannot tell if it actually was a bug to begin with and I have no idea how to reproduce it (perhaps if I reboot my server… but I am not sure the problem will persist).

My problem: the GitLab CE installation on my server was not reachable (other applications such as SonaType Nexus were - as well as the server over SSH and xRDP). After some fiddling and reading I found out, that gitlab-runsvdir.service was not running - it was loaded / inactive / dead.

I ran sudo systemctl -t target and found out, that and were loaded, inactive and dead. sudo systemctl list-jobs showed quite a few jobs, which apparently were waiting - plymouth-quit-wait.service was start running while all the others were start waiting (gitlab-runsvdir.service was among them, too).

After killing the plymouth-process, GitLab started just fine. Of course I was clueless and I am a developer and less of a Linux professional - which is why it probably took me so long. I found this question Slow boot issue due to plymouth-quit-wait.service + ubuntu 18.04 - Ask Ubuntu stating the matter in a slightly more abstract way.

I scanned through various pages in the official GitLab documentation, read about a few issues, which seem to all have been fixed. Sure - I was on some version 12.9.x of GitLab-CE/-EE (not sure which one, but I don’t pay a subscription fee, so I guess it’s the former), so an issue might have been still there. It figures it was such a small thing - plymouth - that I decided to post here in order to perhaps save someone some headache at some point.

Great software and awesome community (I had been reading on here for a while on and off, but usually never wrote anything - until now).