Gitlab deleted my project.. Help! :(

Hi good day

I was going to push the original branch of my project. The console generated the following error:

GitLab: The project I was looking for could not be found.
Fatal: Could not read from remote repository.

Make sure you have the correct access rights.
And the repository exists.

I went to the page, log in and I am surprised that my project is not found, as if nothing had ever existed

I have to emphasize that the size of my project is a bit more than 105 Gb of information, but I do not know why from one moment to another it disappeared, without any warning

Please someone tell me how I can restore the information in git

Thank you very much

When I just logged in I notice what appears to be a 10gb limit on all my projects… indeed that seems to have been the case for some time now.

Granted, all mine are way, way smaller than 10gb, but I expect that if there’s a limit then there must be some way of enforcing that limit, possibly even an automated process that dumps things bigger than the limit.

I could be completely wrong, but that’s my guess on it. That’s how I’d do it, at least.