Suddenly Max Repo Size Restritions on

Hey there i am a programmer for an indie game studio in berlin.

We are using to host your repository. Our repo has a size of 78 GB right now but everything works find and we are in a late phase of development. Today we got a error when we tryed to push new branches we got a error message from gitlab:

The size of this repository (78 GB) exceeds the limit of 20 GB by 59 GB. You won’t be able to push new code to this project. Please contact your GitLab administrator for more information.

We defenetly need the space for your repo. We have many working branches atm an the restrictions suprised us. Why does happen now, and not when we were at 20 GB repo size. I am a little desperate now. What do i have to do, so we can go on working with that repo. If we can not, what shal we do than?

Anyone can offer any ideas?


We are facing the exact same issue. We cannot even force push a filter-branch pruned repository. What can be done?


Same here. Anyone able to get around it? Can we pay for additional storage on Gitlab?

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Maybe you could create another repository, I think that the limit is per repository.
Though, I thought that the limit were 10GB / repo.

Heh, it seems I’m not alone. Yeah, they did tell about these things (in blogs, newsletter’s and etc.) but I already send a message to support that people don’t really read those, or if they do, the information isn’t digested fully. The information should have been on the project page like the information banner that now says that pushes are limited, a month before the transition happened, with a yellow background and a text “We will be enforcing repository limits soon. Please clean up your repository to make sure you can keep working on the repository. More information and .”

Anyhow, my problem is that I could prune our repository to fit under 10GB, easily, but the system won’t allow me to - I need to be able to push to push the new refs to get the GitLab side git gc going on, but my push has been restricted as I am over the limit.

Just a quick question for GitLab - Would you rather n projects were pruned and you’d get -nx GB used space, instead of people just creating new projects everytime they are over the limit and you having nGB more used space?

We could be the n that gets you 29 GB of storage back to you.

Hrm, have you committed some large files in the past? You can put them into the Git Large Filesystem (LFS), which GitLab supports. You could also remove them (esp. if you’ve since deleted them) with the BFG Repo Cleaner.

Alternatively, if those files are critical and must stay in your repo (I don’t recommend any files over ~1MiB in the git repo directly myself - use LFS), then you could also set up your own GitLab instance and migrate your repository over there instead.

In our case, we were told to prune and push to a new repo. But even that keeps failing with the following errors:

git push --mirror
 ! [remote rejected]       refs/merge-requests/993/head -> refs/merge-requests/993/head (pre-receive hook declined)
 ! [remote rejected]       refs/merge-requests/994/head -> refs/merge-requests/994/head (pre-receive hook declined)
 ! [remote rejected]       refs/merge-requests/995/head -> refs/merge-requests/995/head (pre-receive hook declined)
 ! [remote rejected]       refs/merge-requests/996/head -> refs/merge-requests/996/head (pre-receive hook declined)
 ! [remote rejected]       refs/merge-requests/997/head -> refs/merge-requests/997/head (pre-receive hook declined)
 ! [remote rejected]       refs/merge-requests/998/head -> refs/merge-requests/998/head (pre-receive hook declined)
 ! [remote rejected]       refs/merge-requests/999/head -> refs/merge-requests/999/head (pre-receive hook declined)
 ! [remote rejected]       Release-v1.10.1 -> Release-v1.10.1 (pre-receive hook declined)
 ! [remote rejected]       Release-v1.11.1 -> Release-v1.11.1 (pre-receive hook declined)
 ! [remote rejected]       Release-v1.7 -> Release-v1.7 (pre-receive hook declined)
 ! [remote rejected]       Release-v1.7-Android -> Release-v1.7-Android (pre-receive hook declined)
 ! [remote rejected]       stable -> stable (pre-receive hook declined)
 ! [remote rejected]       v1.14-merged-develop -> v1.14-merged-develop (pre-receive hook declined)
 ! [remote rejected]       v1.2 -> v1.2 (pre-receive hook declined)
 ! [remote rejected]       v1.5 -> v1.5 (pre-receive hook declined)
 ! [remote rejected]       v1.5-Android -> v1.5-Android (pre-receive hook declined)
error: failed to push some refs to [[repo-name-hidden]]
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