Gitlab Docker Registry yaml config


I have installed gitlab via docker local on my laptop. Now I wanted to set my registry in the GUI of gitlab but I can not see the registry tab. After researching I found I have to configure my yaml file with registry settings. But my yaml file does not find the keys of the settings as described here:

But when I Edit the yaml file inside the docker image via command line with vi command. I am getting this error:

Hi @haso! Thanks for reaching out with your question, and welcome to the GitLab forum!

It seems you’re following the instructions for Installations from source, but the docker container is actually running Omnibus GitLab.

To enable the container registry you’ll want to edit /etc/gitlab/gitlab.rb on the GitLab docker container.

Here’s a minimal working example:

gitlab_rails['registry_enabled'] = true
registry_external_url 'http://<your-ip>:4567'

You’ll also want to expose/open port 4567 on the container to interact with it from your local machine.

I’ve created an issue to add this to our docs and clarify this for Docker and Omnibus installations. Please feel free to contribute to the conversation:

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