Gitlab Duo Chat

Gitlab Duo Chat beta is currently available as part of the Ultimate SaaS (for a limited time)
Will GitLab Duo Chat be made available on a longer term basis for the Gitlab Education Program.
My main reason for asking is to know whether to invest time in planning to incorporate as part of student’s education, or to look for other ways to include AI/LLM into the programming curriculum?


I asked this question to Gitlab Duo Chat:

Will gitlab duo chat be part of the gitlab for education program?
And got this response:

Based on the provided documentation, I could not find any information specifically stating whether GitLab Duo Chat will be part of the GitLab for Education program. The documentation focuses on explaining what GitLab Duo Chat is, how to set it up, and which subscription tiers it is available for (currently Premium and Ultimate for a limited time). However, there is no mention of the GitLab for Education program in relation to GitLab Duo Chat.