Which tiers support GitLab Duo / AI / ML features?

According to the GitLab 16.11.0 release announcement, GitLab Duo is available on all tiers. However, other documentation says that disabling GitLab Duo requires the Premium or Ultimate tiers, and features.yml says that GItLab Duo is not available for the “core” / free tier.

On a self-hosted GitLab 16.11.0 free tier server, the user access tokens page shows: “ai_features: Grants access to GitLab Duo related API endpoints” when making a new token, which seems to imply that some AI features are available.

However, when I query available instance admin settings:

curl --header "PRIVATE-TOKEN: <your_access_token>" "https://gitlab.example.com/api/v4/application/settings"

… I don’t see a mention of GitLab Duo, nor am I able to disable it via a similar POST command. Furthermore, I don’t see the feature enabled anywhere for projects / groups or in the general interface.

So which is the case, is GitLab Duo available for the free tier, and which documentation is correct?

Thanks! : )

:wave: @andrew2758 Good question. As part of GitLab Duo, we have Code Suggestions (paid feature) and Duo Chat (released in 16.11). Right now you can try GitLab Duo Chat for free and we’d love your feedback if you do. For Code Suggestions, ai_features is the appropriate scope, but for Duo Chat please have a PAT with an api scope. I’ll take an action item on updating our docs. For Duo Chat feedback, please feel free to contribute to this issue.


@andrew2758, great catch. I am going to fix this. The release post labels for both of our features suggested that they are available in free, but they are not I am afraid :bowing_man:

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