GitLab Enterprise edition Upgrade paths

In GitLab documentation Upgrading GitLab | GitLab they specified the Gitlab upgrade path.

[upgrade path][1] [1]:

But, it’s only up to 13.5.3. Now the stable version is 13.8.1 Could someone please help to get the exact upgrade path/chain to upgrade Gitlab from 13.5.3 to 13.8.1?

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The upgrade path in the screenshot ends at 13.5.3 only because that was the latest release at the time this documentation was written. 13.5.3 is not a required step.

The path from 13.5.3 is only one step - upgrade from 13.5.3 to 13.8.x and you’re done. Technically all the way back to version 13.1 can be successfully upgraded directly to 13.8 without the 13.5.3 step at all.

I submitted this merge request to clarify this point moving forward: Clarify required steps in upgrade paths (!52628) · Merge Requests · / GitLab · GitLab


Hi @gitlab-greg

Thank you for your answer. Let me discuss this with the team and if we have any other queries or doubts, I will get back to you.

Hi @gitlab-greg

We have successfully upgraded our PROD environment to 13.8.2 successfully.

We have one more question.

Could you please let me know where we can update our email address to get the proper notification about both minor and major upgrade release? so we can create Jira based on the email and do the upgrade on time.

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I subscribed here Releases | GitLab with our email address.