Gitlab external URL (no subdomain) + Apache2 + Ubuntu Server 16.04.1


I’m trying to install Gitlab on my Ubuntu server (using apache2) with an external no-subdomain configuration. I have followed the official guideline of installation, and changed the gitlab.rb external_url into “https://mydomain/dev” and execute reconfigure afterwards.

I have an apache2 web server, with a webpage on on /var/www location. My site uses SSL and rewrite mode so that http requests are redirect to https (using letsencrypt certificate) by HSTS.

The issue I have is that even if I set the gitlab.rb to use the /dev website, it doesn’t work. I have tried lots of tips found from Google, but I wasn’t able to solve this. Does anybody knows what I have to do in order to configure apache and gitlab to use /dev separately from https://mydomain/, which has my webstie?

So you’re using an Omnibus Gitlab install on Ubuntu on a system that already has its own Apache instance? Gitlab Omnibus is most easy to deploy on a system where there is no other web server on port 80 or 443.

Gitlab-omnibus installs are most commonly configured with NGINX embedded inside it, which is the front-end web service.
I have not tried to do what you’re doing. I recommend giving gitlab it’s own web server, and its own VM to itself. No apache. Just the embedded NGINX that comes inside omnibus.

If you want to use Omnibus with both Mattermost (chat) and the main Gitlab site, I think you absolutely should not do what you’re considering (/dev idea).

Maybe you can post a pastebin link to a sanitized version of your configuration.