Gitlab for Agile Methodology

i’m tring use gitlab for agile methodology, and i have some problems:

  • There is a way to order product backlog? For example i have a lot issues in my product backlog, i want reorder it to see the correct priority to sprint planning and then with boards move issues from open to “iteation” or “milestone” that rapresent my sprint.

  • I use issue as user stories. For taks i create some issues that block the user story. In this way the developers work on tasks(issues). There is a way to move user story(issue) and all blocking issues(tasks) in same iteration/milestone with boards or a configuration? Can i show total estimation time of issues that block user story in my user story?

  • Related to previously question, there is away to filter the issue (user story) and all issues that block it inside a boards or issue list?

  • I want assign a team to work on issue(user story), can i create a users group and assign it to issue?

  • I tried use epics, but i can’t create child epics. There is a way to create it? It is good for agile methodology.

I’m using gitlab 14.4.1 on Premuim Release.