Gitlab for Education

Hello :slight_smile:
I’m a computer science teacher in a high school in Belgium.
Is there a possibility of being eligible for a high school in the context of a computer science school option ?
Thank You for the help !


Hi there lecoinduprogrammeur,

Thanks for posting here! It’s nice to meet someone working with young developers at the high school level!

We love the idea of helping students learn more with GitLab, but we do not have an official offering from our team for high school students. Right now, GitLab for Education only offers free Ultimate to Colleges and research institutions. However, anyone over the age of 13 can sign up for GitLab and use our free features, which include 400 minutes of CI/CD, public and private repositories, and many other features that are all free. We also have a Python workshop that anyone can lead available in our DevOps Education Guide. Much of this guide is for Universities, but there are some resources there that might help.

If you’re ever working on something for students and want to collaborate, I’d be happy to help you! Reach out any time!


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I stand corrected, lecoinduprogrammeur!

We can offer self-hosted GitLab to K-12 organizations. There is no SaaS option available. It is a special request, so you would need to message to inquire more about it.

More information here

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Anyway, know that I will use gitlab to code and learn how to collaborate with my students. Thank you for your reply.

I wrote to for more infomations. Thank you PjMetz :slight_smile: