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Introduction gitlab educational

:mortar_board: My name is Stephan Hoeksema

I’m a teacher at University of Applied Sciences Windesheim in the Netherlands. My department is de Associate Degree of Software Development.

I’m using gitlab for teaching and am wondering if a process is possible to work in lessons and show the next lesson when students finish a lesson.

My favorite thing to do when not coding is kitesurfing, training my dog and enjoying my wife and loving my 6 years old daughter.

Hoping to hear from someone! Cheers!

Hi Stephan! Thanks for coming to the forum!

How are you currently using GitLab for teaching? Are students working in projects, issues, or epics to access their lessons? Are you integrating GitLab with any third party apps to deliver lessons to students?

Hi Philip,

Currently we assign 2 projects per period. They work in teams. I’m not integrating GitLab in anyway via a third party app. I’m looking to include de lessons into the projects. Maybe by making different repositories or branches.

I’m looking for ideas to accomplish this. Do you have any or are other schools using this in other way please respond.

With kind regards,


Thanks for the reply, Stephan.

At the moment, we don’t have a lot of places that are doing what you’re doing. We are currently starting work on a “guide” for people looking to use GitLab in their classroom that will collect best practices from around the Globe. Stay tuned for updates on that as we continue to build it. In the meantime, here are some links that we hope will be of use!

Instructor Git + API Tool This is Barry Muldrey from University of Mississippi. He is using something he created called Glee and he uses it to administer parts of his course.

Here is automation with hooks from Heriot-Watt in Edinburgh.

This is a handbook page discussing our work with Morehouse College I know none of these are direct answers, but hopefully this can give you some insight, ideas, or inspiration.

Thanks for being a part of our growing education community! Have fun kitesurfing! I’m more of a “read books on the beach” kind of person, but kitesurfing has always looked so interesting!

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Will start using gitlab with branches for the different topics. I will keep you posted with the successes. Thanks for the links to different ‘thoughts’ on using gitlab. Technical books or whatever is lying in front of you? Speak to you soon!

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Hi Philip,

Don’t know if you are the person to answer this question but

is it possible to point a student, via a link, to a specific branch?


@shoeksema yes, it’s possible:

replace branchname with the branch that you want to link them to, and obviously the remainder of the url with the host.domain/group/project names.

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Thanks will try this!