GitLab groups

Am i correct in my understanding that you can’t add existing gitlab projects to a gitlab group? the import function failed with some weird error, but that’s beside the point.
the documentation shows two ways to add projects to a group, and both of them are for new projects, not existing projects.
feels inherently non-agile to me.

Hi @nthali, you can indeed add existing GitLab projects to groups by transferring your project to a group. :smile:

Only project owners can transfer a project to a group. They also need to be at least a Maintainer of the target group. Here is a link to the documentation with a step-by-step explanation: Project settings | GitLab

On a side note, do you have a screenshot of the error or what kind of error occurred? :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you! That did the trick, Much appreciated.
Would be really useful to link to the ‘transfer project’ in groups so the option is more easily visible.