How to transfer an existing project into a new group of projects?

Sorry, I’m an old programmer and a new GitLab user…
I did create first a projec… It is now well developped.
An I think I must add complementary programs to the first one. So I just created a new group with two subgroups…
But, how to transfer the existing first project into one of these subgroups ? (complete project with branches and commits obviously…)
Thank you !
Philippe, from Grenoble/France

Hi Philippe,

in the Web frontend open the project, in the left side navigation bar open Settings / General. In the main view scroll down and expand Advanced, Now look for Transfer project. In the pull down list you’ll see all available groups.

Good luck!

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Excellent ! It was really hard to find. Thank you very much !

You’re welcome!

Hello I m also new in Gitlab Thanks for ur guidance

Noooo replyyyy…??