Gitlab installation on CentOS 9 stream

When can we expect to get gitlab installation supported on CentOs stream OS?
As of now during installation we get OS not supported message.

I doubt very much it will. Mainly because CentOS Stream is pretty much a test/unstable version more comparable to alpha/beta - almost comparable to Fedora in some respects. It’s not the same CentOS than what was previously.

More likely to be supported on Rocky Linux or Alma Linux than CentOS to be honest.

You could always open an issue to request it here though: Issues · / omnibus-gitlab · GitLab

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Thanks for your response
We have the Gitlab setup running on CentOS7 as of now which we all know is going to get EOL in 2024, following which gitlab updates will also stop, hence looking for a stable open source version preferably in the RedHat family.

Both Rocky and Alma are 1:1 with RHEL, so effectively what the original CentOS 7/8 was before stream appeared. Rocky Linux was started by one of the original founders of CentOS - Gregory Kurtzer and he named it after his late colleague Rocky McGaugh.

Since they are 1:1 with RHEL, then they are going to be stable, following the same lifecycle as RHEL, so to 2029 for version 8.

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