GitLab + JIRA Integration Script [Infrastructure as Code, Automatic Deployment]

I am looking for a way to programmatically integrate our JIRA instance with GitLab. From what I’ve seen, there is only the manual way of doing it via the Integrations Page. Instead of having to manually fill out this page for every new project, is there a way of doing this programmatically? Whether there is some kind of bash script or .yml file that can be run.

I would like the same functionality of the existing integration (e.g. being able to close tickets via commits) but have it all done programmatically rather than manually on the integrations page.

I am on my company’s GitLab Community Edition [13.1.4].


I’m afraid this isn’t included in the API after a quick scan, but maybe you can find it: Maybe it falls under one of the properties.

Glad to be able to help, did you find a way of setting this via the API (if so, which property can be set), or didn’t it exist like I thought and are you stuck with the manual changes?