JIRA integration API

I need to programmatically check and enable JIRA Integration for many projects (> 100) and schedule a daily/weekly job to check and automatically activate the JIRA integration for new ones. The JIRA and other configuration was already done, so I only need to activate the JIRA service: Project-> Settings -> Integrations -> JIRA -> Active

Is there an API that allows to set service automatically? I didn’t find anything in docs.
I use GitLab v 3.0.6-ee
Thank you!

Hey @sargl, welcome to the GitLab Community Forum! :tada:

We do provide an endpoint for configuring the JIRA integration. Please consult our documentation to find out how to use it.


Hi, @Tristan!
Great! I can get service object using python API
service = gl.projects.get(id).services
How can I get service parameters? id, title, active ?
… and how to set active=true ?

If not python. Do you know how it could be translated in PUT method of gitlab API e.g. curl ? how to set active=true
Thank you