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I am using gitlab-ce (12.9.2 (ac5568eb5d8)), i beleive i may have stumbled upon a bug where the JSON object that is generated from Jenkins Integration (note, this was working before) is not filling the user_email section.

At first i though this was the comapny config, however i have replicated the same thing on a local VM network:

WebHook called with url: /project/test_pipe

Apr 17, 2020 12:50:59 PM FINE

Push: {
  "object_kind" : "push",
  "event_name" : "push",
  "before" : "22d26cd47f8fc6e604cc8bb0d008360b476b0247",
  "after" : "3e9fd34dd339ac67a6466b0c4b2a8bdfbd1a1cb7",
  "ref" : "refs/heads/master",
  "checkout_sha" : "3e9fd34dd339ac67a6466b0c4b2a8bdfbd1a1cb7",
  "message" : null,
  "user_id" : 1,
  "user_name" : "Administrator",
  "user_username" : "root",
  "user_email" : "",
  "user_avatar" : "",
  "project_id" : 1,

This in turn is having a knock-on affect to the GitLab Plugin (Jenkins).

Open issue:

Can any please advise?