Gitlab Kuberntes runner => Jobs failed

hey :slight_smile:

i installed Kubernetes and Gitlab. Both works fine 4 me but a deployment to kubernetes with a Gitlab kubernetes runner failed every time. :frowning:

Runner is up and green.
My error message is:
ERROR: Job failed (system failure): Get x509: certificate signed by unknown authority

I think its a problem about this sections in the /etc/gitlab-runner/config.toml file

  • cert_file : Optional Kubernetes apiserver user auth certificate
  • key_file : Optional Kubernetes apiserver user auth private key
  • ca_file : Optional Kubernetes apiserver ca certificate

what I have to take 4 this?
any ideas? :frowning:

I thank you all so much!

Both is On-Premise and Gitlab is Omnibus install

I think I’m experiencing the same issue. We’re using an on-prem Gitlab instance with a self-signed SSL cert and cannot register a Gitlab runner in our Kubernetes cluster when deploying it via the Kubernetes managed applications.

I’m able to successfully deploy the runner to our cluster using the Helm chart and setting the certsSecretName value to a Kubernetes secret with the CA cert.

Is there any way to customize the Gitlab Runner that’s deployed to k8s via the managed applications in the web UI? (I can open a separate thread on this issue, if it’s too far off-topic here)

Thanks in advance for any input!

@AdrianoKF you managed to get this working via the managed applications? I think it should be possible using the (alpha) version of the gitlab managed repository but i’m not able to get the certsSecretName to work with by k8s cluster :frowning: