Gitlab learning, now levelup pricing


I need to pass the certification for Gitlab CI/CD specialist (associate).

But all ressources on gitlab are outdated.

I have been given the link to the platform levelup, and here I can find two bundles, but the prices are greatly different from the gitlab website.

Could someone explained to me the different between the self-paced Certified Gitlab Ci/CD Associate

And the Certification exam Certified Gitlab Ci/CD Associate ?

For information, the details don’t give any info about what you are buying, you only get the brief description you can see on the pictures.

They do have that pictures on both bundle :


But it seems misleading… (seems like if I buy the exam bundle I will not have any courses)

It seems like the price of the exam is 500$ and the material is 500$ but it seems excessively expensive.

Can someone help me understand ?
Also do someone know if they are retakes if you fail the exam ?

Thank you

Thanks for your questions and feedback. GitLab is in the process of moving to a new Learning Management System. All completed and in progress content and certifications are being migrated over. We apologize for any confusion this caused and we appreciate your patience as we completed the migration. When the migration is completed, all users will receive an email with log in instructions.

The certification exams are the only part of the bundle that are charged. You can find more details in the page below.

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