Gitlab Login returns 404

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My problem with log in to GitLab. I try to login GitLab. But GitLab returns 404. Sometimes return Invalid Login or password. I don’t know what do I do?

Thanks in advance.

Hello @halil9

Has there been any progress on your problem?
I encountered the same problem with my alternative account.

I seem to use the correct password (as other passwords generate other behaviour) but I still end up in the 404 error page.
This affects my account.


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Same issue, noticed today coming back from vacation.

I’m also seeing emails from about a week ago saying mirroring repositories have failed. Related?

Repository mirroring on pcuci/beehive-production has been paused due to too many failures. The last failure was:

The mirror user is not allowed to perform any git operations.

Tried resetting my password, same behavior. I am signed up for 2FA - could that have caused an issue?

Thx, please advise.

Hello, @THPdfo

No still is the same.

As per @Linds 's hint here: Can't sign-in, not asked for 2fa reconfirming your email address might fix your 404 log-in issue.

Good luck, @halil9 @THPdfo !

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Thanks for paying it forward, @pcuci! :blush: