Gitlab memory issue

hey guys, we are using a self hosted gitlab in azure vm’s.
previously we were using a vm with 2 cpu’s and 8 gb ram. then the gitlab utilization reached almost 100% and it went down for sometime.
SO, we increased it to 2cpu’s and 16gb.
Now, we have increased it to 4cpu’s and 32gb.
Still gitlab has almost reached it’s limit and it might get down anytime…
what might be the problem and how do i go ahead with this??

I think since gitlab is software as a service, there isn’t much to optimize within the gitlab.

For your reference, i am puttin a screen shot below.

my guess is the problem is with the first one

3195 git 20 0 2897884 2.3g 4420 S 392.0 7.3 22:40.76 kthzabor
but then again i am not sure stopping that service might have an effect on gitlab.


See this post: Process gitlab named: kthzabor is using 90% of CPU - #2 by iwalker