Gitlab Merge Request Best Practices to follow to do MR Pipeline

Hi Team,
Could you please what are all the best practices while doing Merge Request in Gitlab?

Hi @deepangit,

I would recommend you the check out theGitLab Flow as well as MR documentation.

The documentation link I’ve posted may come in handy since there you can see all the features of a MR in details. Also, please take a look at this Code Review Guideline, there you will find a bunch of best practices regarding that topic.

Thanks @dsumenkovic, will go through this and get back to you.

Here i would like to learn before raising merge request in Merge request title , what is the best practices merge request strategy to fill the merge request title message with only message, message with jira id and message with jira id status and so on ,etc, Is there any documentation or web link for this scenario and what are all the best feature options i can use to end users of Gitlab to do best Merge request strategy or branching way from feature to master branch?Expected feature or options in GitLab Enterprise Edition 11.11.3-ee