Merge request into two branches


Let’s say I have 3 branches:


feature was branched of release_01 and now I created two merge requests one for master and another for release_01. In both of them I marked that feature branch can be deleted after MR is accepted.

Maintainer of release_01 verifies my MR and accepted it and of course deletes source branch and now maintainer of master see MR with no data in it.

So since I’m new to this I have couple questions:

  1. is it correct behavior to do like this (create 2 MRs)?
  2. What would more correct way? Create MR to release_01 and then after accepting create MR from release_01 to master?

I know that GitLab flow suggest to merge into master first and them cherry pick into release_01 but that step is kind of difficult to me for now to acknowledge because bug was found in release and code should be fixed based on release code behavior…

Thank you.