GitLab Migration from Old Server to New Server

When migrating Gitlab to a brand new server, you would possibly face several issues like incompatible versions, completely different OS (so different latest Gitlab version), etc. Before migrating the Gitlab to the new server, we’ve to create certain that Gitlab in each server have same edition and version (e.g If associate degree recent server has Gitlab Community edition with version 11.9 then the new server should have the Gitlab Community edition with the 11.9 version)
The best means of doing this can be to upgrade the recent server to the identical latest Gitlab version, then duplicate the Gitlab, followed by the transfer of the backup to the new server. Install the identical latest Gitlab version within the new server, and restore it.

We have the Gitlab on Linode server and currently, we tend to move it to the AWS EC2 instance.

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