Gitlab not accessible to users besides me

Hi! I’m running GitLab on Ubuntu 16.04(via VirtualBox). I’m providing the IP address as the external url, but when trying to access the same via some other computer, I can’t connect to it. Can someone please tell me where I’m going wrong?

Hi ar1607,

I would request you to take output of the below commands and post it here for better understanding of your problem.

These commands can be run on production environment: (run as root)

to check process running or not:
ps -ef | grep -n gitlab

to check hostname of machine:

to check DNS on your machine and the machines you are testing your URL:
nslookup your domain name

to check the route:
traceroute your domain name

to verify hostname of machine:
cat /etc/hosts

to check all gitlab component are working or not:
gitlab-ctl status

to check url for GitLab:
cat /gitlab/gitlab.rb | grep external_url

to check port is open for GitLab or not:
netstat -tlpn

to check selinux status:

to check any firewall enabled or not:
iptables --list

Let me know if you have any issue on executing above commands.

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Thank you so much for your reply. I’ll just try these commands and see if they work. :slight_smile:

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