Gitlab not loading assets (401/Unauthorized)

Hello everyone,

I’ve recently installed Gitlab on my Ubuntu 16.04 server using the omnibus package.
I decided to follow the following tutorial in order to unbundle Nginx, so I can run my own website next to it:

Now, everything is working well… Except for the fact that my assets are not loading!
My website looks like this:

@Majesteit Please verify that your external nginx configuration is routing through GitLab workhorse as detailed in the nginx example:

Do you have any sample or example Proxy configs for Apache? I’m getting 401 errors on assets too.

but I’m not convinced it is the proxy as I attempted direct non-proxy access and get same error. Where would I start looking in the gitlab config for the cause of a 401 error?


@mistergibson Please find examples in the gitlab-recipes project: