GitLab not loading assets and bundles

GitLab not loading assets and bundles

I am using a self-hosted GitLab on my server, I have installed the latest (15.4.0-ee) via Docker.
I migrated my data from another server to this one. The backup was recovered and I can log in with my account.

My server is running Nginx. GitLab runs in a docker container on port 8929, Nginx routes a subdomain ( via proxy_pass to that port.

The problem:
Visiting my site, no data loads, the images do not load, see screenshots.
Opening the Devtools, there are some errors saying it cant load some assets and bundles.

Clicking on the top right button brings me to, clicking on the top left to the root.
Nothing else is working and the images for those buttons are not getting loaded.

I know, i’m probably missing important information, please just tell me, what you need and i’ll respond ASAP :slight_smile:

Thank you so much in advance, hope y’all have a great day :slight_smile:

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