GitLab Pages : Dynamic Site Assets using base URL of User account over Project served page URL

Hi there Support Community,

I am experiencing a very specific issue and I was hoping to get some guidance from those who may have encountered the issue before. I am currently serving a very simple Hugo webpage via GitLab Pages:

I am experiencing an issue of my image assets, being dynamic, not serving to the base URL of the site. For example. Let’s take a hypothetical ‘image-A.png’ which was placed in the HTML as src="/imgs/image-A.png"

Image by default a is not linking to:
but rather to:

This is causing ‘image-A.png’ not to load on the webpage.

If proceed to manually add the correct baseurl ie : ‘’ and then append ‘image-A.png’ to the URL I get served the image.

I have checked my base URL in my config.toml and it is correct. If anyone has some insight would really appreciate it.