Images are not showing on gitlab pages

I setup my first GitLab Pages for user account.

Steps I followed are

  1. Forked midleman to my project
  2. Changed namespace to my username as per documentation
  3. Pipelined project
  4. Accessed
  5. Hurraahh!!! It works.

Second step I followed

  1. Cloned project in my computer
  2. Added my own css files removing existing added by midleman
  3. Added my own js script files removing existing added by middleman
  4. Replaced content of /source/layouts/layout.erb with my content
  5. Replaced content of /source/index.html.erb with my content
  6. push changes
  7. re-pipelined project
  8. checked
  9. Hurraaahh!!! it worked again. But there is no images and text rendered on the page :confused:

It is not loading images and text.
Is there something I have done wrong?

When viewing source code, all css and js and images are loading.

url to my page :

I have the same problem. What is happening here?

I found the problem for me.

I had forgotten to add a baseurl. See this commit for the changes (config.yaml/toml depending on your theme).

Edit: Apologies for bumping an ansient post. It is what came up in Google and I misread as June 2019.

Hi @anujsh,

The images appear to be loading now. Your website looks great!
Are you still having problems with images/text not being rendered on the page?

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