Gitlab Pages Hosted on HTTPS Only, No Key Available

Hello, Today I attempted to add a custom domain to my Gitlab Pages project. You can view it at the Gitlab provided URL here.

My issue is that when I attempted to add my custom domain (which is ‘’), my site was hosted on ‘’. I did not enter a SSL key, so an error pops up if you try to access ‘’ about HTTPS not being set up correctly. To make matters worse, the site is not hosted on HTTP (‘’ goes to an 404 Gitlab page) so I can not complete the form on because I do not have access to HTTP.

Can anything be done to solve such an issue? As a side note, I am using Namecheap for my domain and their basic DNS service. And below are a couple screenshots of my current setup. If you want any more information, I am open to questions.

My Gitlab Pages Configuration

My Namecheap DNS Configuration