GitLab Pages -> HTTP -> HTTPS redirection even when domain nam contain dot


I was affected by new bug in the gitlab. According the documentation gitlab should not redirect to HTTPS when domain contain dot.

In most cases it works as expected:

But for some time when I made request:

gitlab makes unwanted redirection to HTTPS. This causes big problem.

Some time ago there was no such redirection and all works as expected.

Could someone take a look on this and fix if possible, please?

Best Regards,

According to

When using Pages under the general domain of a GitLab instance (*, you cannot use HTTPS with sub-subdomains. That means that if your username/groupname contains a dot, for example, the domain will not work. This is a limitation of the HTTP Over TLS protocol. HTTP pages will continue to work provided you don’t redirect HTTP to HTTPS.

So, why GitLab make redirection to HTTPS when request ? This is a bug. Can some one take a look on this BUG please?

Strange it seems that this is working again. I mean at now GitLab stop redirect to HTTPS as expected.
Can someone explain please? There was a bug and it was fixed or what?