GitLab Pages Self Hosted No Wildcard Domain, Same TLD

I am looking to find the exact configuration needed to support GitLab pages using the following domains as shown here on the third optoin

GitLab Domain:
Pages Domain:
Notce same Top Level Domain.

Both addresses are right now pointing at the same IP address

So far I have set up:
external_url “” (notice the s)
pages_external_url ‘’ (notice the lack of s)
gitlab_pages[‘enable’] = true
pages_nginx[‘enable’] = true
gitlab_pages[“namespace_in_path”] = true

Pages are being created as expected: example for project testpages in group test (notice no s)

But when I click on the link it is getting redirected to (notice the s) and the certificate is for so the browser is failing to show anything.

None of the instructions seem to show the case where the TLD is the same, but the sudomain is different.

I am running the omnibus installation on Azure. Gitlab is version 16.8.1-ee