GitLab Pages with Hugo and Asciidoctor

I’d like to use GitLab Pages to host a Hugo site that supports both markdown and asciidoc files. I successfully set up GitLab Pages that use Hugo with markdown files (yay), but when I included a .adoc (asciidoc) file in my content directory the build failed. According to the following, Hugo can support asciidoc files if asciidoctor or asciidoc is installed:

What should I put in my .gitlab-ci.yml to ensure that both hugo and asciidoctor (or asciidoc) are in the docker image?

Thank you!

I changed this line in my .gitlab-ci.yml



image: rraghur/hugo-asciidoctor

and it worked!

I basically have no idea what I’m doing so any thoughts or suggestions are welcome. Thanks.