HOW to host Readme file as a static website?

I want to know how to host a file as a webpage or website on domain…

In github it was pretty simple to enable hosting…
But here I am not able to get , how?

Hi @vbdo

There are some getting started docs here which should be useful to you.

I think I have already gone through those :sweat_smile:
There they have explained for HTML and templates.

That’s right, but if your file is in Markdown, you can use any static site generator to create HTML for you. You can use one of the example repos and just copy the .gitlab-ci.yml file and other relevant files to your repo. For example, Jekyll or mkdocs can use Markdown for source files.

If you really want to publish your file, you may need to copy it to another location in your .gitlab-ci.yml file.

Okay , that other location could be?

That depends on the static site generator you choose.

For example, I think mkdocs would expect the file to be docs/ but that might be configurable in the mkdocs.yml config file.

Okay you mean , site generators like , Hugo , Gatsby etc?

I was looking to host my readme as it is , like github
But if that’s not possible I’ll just go with Hugo.

Ah, apologies, I didn’t realise you mean the README in a repo named after your username. This feature is available, you can read about it here.