Gitlab Pages wrong SSL certificate results in Pages not working

Hi all :slight_smile:

Premise: I run Pages correctly for most of my projects w/o issues. Only this specific one is problematic.

I’m having an issue with a specific GitLab Pages I setup for one of my projects. The issue being that the *gitlab certificate is being used instead of the Let’s Encrypt (that validates and all), resulting in a browser exception/error with a SSL/domain mismatch.

The domain is so you can check the behavior.

I will provide more details and screenshots on request. The repo is private.

ps: just in case you do read this thread. I’ve erased the old Pages settings and started over the Pages/LE process. Fingers crossed.

Did you succeed? How did you solve the problem?
I have the same problem on my page: Still the * certificate is used instead of the Let’s Encrypt one.