Gitlab Pages HTTPS Stopped Working

I have a site that’s been happily working on Gitlab pages on for many months now. I had a report that the TLS/SSL certificate wasn’t working any more and when I checked it looked like the certificate was expired.

Logging into Gitlab it said the certificate was expired and “Something went wrong while obtaining the Let’s Encrypt certificate” so I followed the instructions and clicked Retry. The site sat in, “GitLab is obtaining a Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate for this domain” for over and hour so I removed all the domains and added them back. I had to update the DNS records so they revalidated, which succeeded, but it’s again been over and hour and still no certificate.

What else can I do to debug this problem? Is there any way I can find out why this suddenly stopped working so it doesn’t happen again?


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I’m having the same issue when trying to enable SSL for Gitlab Pages.

I recreated the domain several times, tried with A and CNAME records, but not of these changes solved the issue.

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This should be resolved now. There were actually two fixes that resulted from the expiration of the LetsEncrypt root cert:

  1. Fix auto-renew of LetsEncrypt domains for Pages (!71697) · Merge requests · / GitLab · GitLab
  2. Symlink OpenSSL default cert file to Debian cert path (!784) · Merge requests · / Build / CNG · GitLab