Gitlab Pages HTTPS Stopped Working

I have a site that’s been happily working on Gitlab pages on for many months now. I had a report that the TLS/SSL certificate wasn’t working any more and when I checked it looked like the certificate was expired.

Logging into Gitlab it said the certificate was expired and “Something went wrong while obtaining the Let’s Encrypt certificate” so I followed the instructions and clicked Retry. The site sat in, “GitLab is obtaining a Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate for this domain” for over and hour so I removed all the domains and added them back. I had to update the DNS records so they revalidated, which succeeded, but it’s again been over and hour and still no certificate.

What else can I do to debug this problem? Is there any way I can find out why this suddenly stopped working so it doesn’t happen again?


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I’m having the same issue when trying to enable SSL for Gitlab Pages.

I recreated the domain several times, tried with A and CNAME records, but not of these changes solved the issue.

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This should be resolved now. There were actually two fixes that resulted from the expiration of the LetsEncrypt root cert:

  1. Fix auto-renew of LetsEncrypt domains for Pages (!71697) · Merge requests · / GitLab · GitLab
  2. Symlink OpenSSL default cert file to Debian cert path (!784) · Merge requests · / Build / CNG · GitLab

The issue may not be entirely resolved. My GitLab pages site failed to renew its certificate today, having last renewed in late August (before the root certificate expired).

Fortunately the Retry button worked in my case, although it did take several minutes to have any visible effect.

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