Gitlab pipeline stuck in created state

Gitlab pipelines are being created and triggered upon code push, but is stuck in created state and not running in multiple repositories. I would link these repositories but they are private.

For more information, I haven’t made any configuration changes and use a simple gitlab-ci.yml provided by gitlab in the documentation.


  • template: AWS/Deploy-ECS.gitlab-ci.yml
    SAST_DISABLED: “true”
    DAST_DISABLED: “true”
    TEST_DISABLED: “true”

In the below instance, upon code push, it created multiple (4) pipelines but all of them are stuck in created state.

I am using and not self hosted and use common shared runners.

Tried looking around to see if anyone else is having this issue but it doesn’t seem like it. Any help is greatly appreciated!

Also for additional information, I thought I was maybe out of CI/CD minutes, but went to look and only used 7% of my allotted time so it doesn’t seem like thats the problem.

Thanks you for your post,

We are having the exact same issue as you. All our projects that are using template: AWS/Deploy-ECS.gitlab-ci.yml are stunk.

The others are working normally.

Same issue here. Previously working pipelines get stuck in “created”. They can be forced to run by cancelling then retrying.

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You are the real MVP @dan.walker , thanks a lot !

Further, if you simply copy the template into your .gitlab-ci.yml rather than include it, it works. My yml looks like this:

  - build
  - test
  - review
  - deploy
  - production
  - cleanup


  - template: Jobs/Build.gitlab-ci.yml
  - template: Jobs/Deploy/ECS.gitlab-ci.yml