GitLab pricing

Hello, there are two questions we wanted to know. Any information would be a great help.

  1. How different is gitlab when self hosted and an enterprise version?
  2. In the “Devops Basics with Standard Support” pricing it says: 2000 CI/CD minutes. Could someone help in explaining what this “2000 CI/CD minutes” is?

Thank you.

The difference in feature availability for free self-managed vs. premium/ultimate paid self-managed is available at a high level here: Self-Managed Feature Comparison | GitLab, and each feature documentation page also carries a visible classification if the feature requires a minimum license level to work.

Regarding CI/CD minutes, these are covered in the FAQ section down below on GitLab Pricing | GitLab - Effectively, if you elect to use, and’s readily available hardware to run your jobs (without needing to provision and maintain your own), then the number of minutes consumed by pipeline jobs executed over it is measured against the credits purchased.

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