Where is the pricing for self-managed instances?

Hi everyone,

my company currently uses some self-managed instance of GitLab, most likely some free version. I’m interested in PULL-mirrors, which are a premium feature according to the docs. When looking around what premium for self-managed costs, I’m always ending up at some pricing or feature comparison for SaaS setups. I’ve read that in 20018 names have been changed and stuff, but I simply can’t find subscription prices for self-managed instances.

Are those gone these days or only hidden to get users into SaaS or am I simply too dumb to find those prices? :slight_smile: Some links to self-managed pricing of various different tiers would be very helpful, thanks!

The pricing is the same whether it is SaaS or self-managed. There is no difference in pricing.

You will however need to upgrade Gitlab-CE versions to Gitlab-EE if you have the CE version installed. The Gitlab docs do have procedures for this. Since only a subscription can be applied to an EE version.

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Thanks, I got confused because of the mentioned restrictions. Only some of those are documented to no apply to self-managed instances, minutes for CI/CD are not and stuff.

This means there’s no such offer like one-time buying a concrete premium-instance in one version and keep using that for the next 10 years? I have a use-case where something like that would make sense, pretty much something like a special backup system for customers.

You would need to contact Gitlab sales team directly maybe it is possible to pay upfront for x amount of years.