GitLab Project Snippets: What permissions are required for a user to edit any snippet in a GitLab Project?

GitLab Project Snippets: Who can edit/delete snippets made by other users?

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I want to know what levels of permissions a user needs to Edit GitLab Project Snippets that are set to Public. I see that Reporter level can Create, but no details on who can Edit or Delete snippets (made by other users).

  • What are you seeing, and how does it differ from what you expect to see?

From what I can see in the GitLab docs, I can only find permissions information related to who can Create project snippets (anyone with Reporter or greater permissions):

I can’t find any details on who can Edit GitLab Project Snippets (these snippets are Public snippets, the kind that I am looking for more details on).

What I was expecting was something more like:

  • Reporter can Create snippets, and they can Edit their own Snippets only
  • Maintainer (or is it Owner???) or greater can Create or Edit all GitLab Project Snippets

But it isn’t clear.

I’ve also opened a GitLab docs feedback issue for it here: