GitLab projects failed their last repository check

We have received one time email alert from our gitlab instance recently i.e Sunday 5:30 AM IST on spe-16th.

This alert included the following information. Can you please suggest what is this alert notification all about and how to troubleshoot this issue.We could not find any error details in repocheck.log file from Gitlab UI.

Subject: GitLab Admin | 4 projects failed their last repository check
4 projects failed their last repository check.

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I too have a repository that is reporting a failure quite often. We are running GitLab CE 10.7.3 on-prem and there is one repo that keeps failing it’s repository check.

One project has failed it’s repository check
See the affected projects in the GiLab admin panel
You are receiving this message because you are a GitLab administrator for https://my.gitlab.install

I’ve checked the logs in the admin panel and everything comes back clean. I even cloned the repo in question and ran some Git checking/cleanup tools and there were no problems.

We have quite a few repos in this GitLab install but this is the only one that is reporting any problems. What can I do to find this issue and how can it be fixed?