Gitlab projects lost repositories after upgrade

We have recently upgraded Gitlab 8.0 installed from sources to Gitlab 10.5.
It looks like everything inside Gitlab works fine except repositories.
When I am trying to access it over web or ssh I am constantly getting a message that there is no repository. That happens for every project I tried.

See a log from api_json.log:


It looks like project icw/cwstats.git doesn’t have a repository (“gl_repository”:null).

Is there a way to fix it?
I tried “bundle exec rake gitlab:import:repos[’/var/lib/git/repositories’] RAILS_ENV=production” but without success:

Processing /var/lib/git/repositories/icw/cwstats.git

  • CWStats (icw/cwstats) exists

Maybe it is possible to specify project’s repository name directly into DB (we use PostgreSQL)? Could you provide a table responsible for this?

I will be appreciated for any help.