Gitlab pull/push issue

Hey everyone I and my entire team is facing a problem in pull/push and clone our own repo . do you face such problem plz let me know and if someone know the solution plz let me know.thanks

Gitlab SSH is not working for many users across Pakistan. Users in cities such as Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad and Multan have reported that they can not pull, push, clone git repositories over SSH.

The issue seems to be with CloudFlare as traffic from Pakistan is re-routed and does not reach the destination.

Using HTTPS instead of SSH or accessing through a VPN works.

The issue has been experienced at least since Friday (Sept 18).

Interestingly, Fiberlink users in Karachi can access Gitlab through SSH. PTCL, Zong, StormFiber ain’t working.

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thank you very much dear @kashifaziz

My pleasure.