Gitlab Replicate on projects with choice

Hi Gitlab,

I have a question on mirroring projects in different location(including sub-groups, epics, issues, dashboards, milestones, etc.)

so we have a primary globally gitlab server in some location, and we wants to have teams in some other region using there local gitlab, local gitlab runner without running tasks from far distance, also they can see comment, merge requests and issues from our primary gitlab server, and as for security reason, we do not want every project to be synchronized, just what the local team needs.

Is there any way to make this happen?


Hi @sikishen

I don’t have hands-on experience with this, but you can look at Geo | GitLab if it meets your requirements or not. I am not aware of any other native solution.

Hi there,
Thanks for replying, Geo solution seems synchronize everything, but i just want some projects.