Mirror and CI and Custom gitlab ci, how can i achieve?


I’m not sure i post a the right place, moderators feel free to move my post.

I want to achieve some automatic stuff with gitlab. (should be work with ce if possible)

I want to automate some modification in order to run more tests and specific actions than an upstream project do.

A typical workflow could be :

  • keep a mirror of upstream.git
  • replace .gitlab.ci
  • run build and deployement with my gitlab.ci and env
  • do it again

What should i setup that kind of workflow ?
I currently have some specific env with there own runner. It can be compatible ?
Probably i should use some hook ?


You can set up a custom ci-cd file in the project settings see here.

Then you don’t have to overwrite anything in the repo and can just keep it up to date.

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Awesome !!!
And i “google” it several times
Thx a lot