GitLab Repository Mirroring with SSH key authentication

GitLab Repository > Pull from a remote repository > Using SSH public key authentication.

It generates a new public SSH key for each repository I add.
Is there a way to use the same key for all repositories?
I am evaluating GitLab EE right now and have only set up two repositories so far (will be more eventually several hundreds), and I cannot go to our gitolite administrator with a new key each time I add a new repository.

I am in the same situation.
I have a set of private/public keys already exchanged and I am forced to use the existing keys.

Is it possible? how?

Unfortunately no

The workaround suggested by GitLab was to use password authentication. However for us password authentication is not an option.

I have created a feature request:

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Who is using in 2018 “password authentication”? not acceptable in my “reality”.
(stupid new git user/developer here)I’m considering using a “gitmirrorer” account (on the gitlab machine) using git to pull from the “source” and push to the gitlab repository (scheduled in cron :expressionless: with email notification of the updates). On the gitlab machine I will have a duplicated repository (one in “plain git” and another in gitlab) as the repositories are not compatible to do an external pull with git.

I really hope GitLab can fix this.
This has been one of our most prominent road blocks from using GitLab.

Does anyone know where these repository mirror keys are stored on the server? Perhaps a workaround could be to replace them all with the same key.

Find the table postgresql table public.project_import_data and copy the encrypted_credentials , encrypted_credentials_iv and, encrypted_credentials_salt. You can align all of the keys this way, but I haven’t figured out how to decrypt/encrypt new ones that aren’t generated with the GUI.